About us

The Story

We’re the Reel Deal. Yes. Angling is an Extreme Sport. It takes years of practice, weeks of preparation, hours of focus, but only minutes, or sometimes seconds of encounter with your catch. Whether you are an angling enthusiast, or a weekend fisherman. Whether you are deep-sea fishing for marlin, or fly-fishing for trout. Every successful fisherman swears by these 2 things. Unwavering Patience and Quality Gear. The First You Give. The Second You Get.

Our Promise

Sakana Gia emphasizes a smooth, successful fishing and tackle experience. How do we do that? Whether it’s leisure or competitive tackling, we want to make your trip fun and exciting whenever you’re out hunting in the sea. Every fishing experience should be smooth-sailing, as you’re absorbed into the tranquil and serene stillness of nature. No frustrations. No broken lines or rods. No empty-hands on the trip back. Only happiness, peace of mind and a well-deserved getaway with Sakana Gia. Fishing is an art. We have the tools. You’ll be the artist. You need a gear that can withstand the nastiest of bites, the largest of predators. You need reels and rods that are durable, responsive to tackles, and high action with flexible bending capability. Or you might need heavier & stronger fishing lines for rougher environmental conditions. Or stealthy thin, clean ones for clear water fishing. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the sport of angling, You’ll find everything you need from baits, to gears & lines. You can turn from Beginner to Master Angler with our fine collection of premium fishing gear, available at an attractive price. If you’re interested in visiting our store, you can find our gears located in these stores as well.

What Clients say

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